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LOY SKINCARE products are beautifully and carefully created for delicate skin. Our brand is very keen on clean, safe skin care with no toxins, no harsh or controversial chemicals, and no known irritants—ever. 

Meet Brenda


Brenda Loy is a certified nurse practitioner whose love for chemistry, organics and plants has led her to this amazing journey in skincare. She is originally from Uganda where plants are not only for food but also held in high regard for their medicinal purposes.

She is very much involved in the selection of the ingredients that go into the products. She is involved in the production of all her products, and if an ingredient doesn’t quite meet her standard, then it won’t be used.

Thanks to her background in medicine, Brenda has been able to create CLEAN and NATURAL products that are safe, functional, and effective. Did we mention how luxurious LOY Skincare products feel, and like Brenda’s favorite phrase, a little bit goes a long way. When you use LOY Skincare products, you’ll experience a noticeable difference in your skin be it softness, lines reduction, suppleness, improved elasticity, and hydration.


This facial cream has been the answer to all my problems! I have always had red patches and scars, my skin also never looks hydrated. After using this cream for THREE weeks my fiancé complimented how nice my skin looked! I told him about this product and now he wants some for himself! I’m a lifetime customer and I can’t wait for more!


My skin seems like my pores don't clog as often and I'm getting fewer pimples. My skin also seems more elastic and less flaky. It feels a little greasy when I initially apply, but 90% of the time my skin feels much more to my liking. The smell is nice and subtle enough for facial wear.

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